Entirety K-12 is unique in design in that the school was founded after a successful pilot program for students with developmental dyslexia. Speech, language, and social training is the heart of the curriculum. Dr. Penny Bryson, Janet Acker, and Lara Dedmon are  certified speech and language pathologists and go to great lengths to embed communication training in every aspect of the school day.

Entirety K-12 was opened in 2011 to serve the needs of our community. Over the last few years, the school has earned praise for its continuous improvement in student development AND consistently high levels of parent satisfaction. The family like atmosphere has allowed students with all types of learning styles to build necessary life experiences and successful relationships. 

Talents and Tools is an important part of the curriculum at Entirety K-12. Designed to target and enhance the multiple developing intelligences, we structure our curriculum weekly to build the gifts and talents of each of our students. Our TNT schedule ranges from music, dance, art, inter/intrapersonal skills, and existential intelligence.

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The term UNIVERSAL DESIGN FOR LEARNING means a scientifically valid framework for guiding educational practice that:

(A) provides flexibility in the ways information is presented, in the ways students respond or demonstrate knowledge and skills, and in the ways students are engaged; and
(B) reduces barriers in instruction, provides appropriate accommodations, supports, and  challenges, and maintains high achievement expectations for all students, including students with disabilities and students who are limited English proficient.

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